saredo materials of nature series
コットンウールのバイカラーくつした「Puckster (パックスター)」 。

落ちわたリサイクル素材ではありませんが、saredo オリジナル素材 DENIMED COTTON WOOL を使用した製品です。

リサイクルコットンではなく、コットンウールの混紡糸を使ったのは (もちろんくつしたは「わたの和」プロジェクト対象製品ですが)、呼吸する繊維 WOOL の良さと弱点である強度面の問題を COTTON が寄り添うように助け合うベストミックスだったから。

三重県の紡績工場で丁寧に紡がれたその素材を、愛知県の染工場でムラ糸デニムのようにラギッドで Ruffn’Tuff (ラフ&タフ)な表情ながら質感やわらかに仕上げました。

Puckster とはアイスホッケー選手のこと。 ラフ&をタフなスティックさばきによるプレイスタイルにもものともしない、そんなくつしたをイメージしてみました。







genuine made in Japan


saredo materials of nature series
bicolor socks of cotton & wool "Puckster".

It isn't the cotton mill waste recycling material, but it's a product with saredo's original material DENIMED COTTON WOOL.

The wool strong point is that it's the fiber through which I breathe. A weakness is to say that the strength is a little weak.
This material is the best mixture which is helpful to its trouble so that cotton may cuddle up.

So not recycling cotton, but cotton & wool blended yarn were used.
(Of course, socks are a "Wata no war in cotton" project target product.)

Its material was spun politely and uneven like a thread for denim at a cotton mill in Mie pref..
And the feel of a material has been finished Ruffn'Tuff-rugged and softly expression at dyeing factory in Aichi pref.,

It would be great if you could sense the texture this smooth and warm material which knitted into socks politely slowly by a vintage 60 needles 2 cylinders machine at a socks factory in Koryo-cho, Kitakatsuragi-gun, Nara pref..

Puckster is an ice hockey player. I imagined and created such socks which aren't weary of a play style by Ruffn'Tuff stick usage.

Please imagine 6 teammates of an ice hockey team calling the mutual color each other by a nickname.


Have a good game!

Size range


composition: cotton/wool/polyester/polyurethane

※ The color difference by the respective sizes sometimes rarely occurs by the difference in the dyeing lots of thread.

genuine made in Japan

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